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Nur noch so lange der Vorrat reicht! · Assam SFTGFOP1 und Ostfriesische Mischung ausverkauft! · Ab Herbst wieder mit vollem Sortiment aus der Ernte ’24!

Wetterkapriolen in den indischen Teegärten

Folgende Information zur Situation in Assam und Darjeeling erhielten wir heute per E-Mail von unserem Teelieferanten:

Dear All,

We have some pictures of the flood situation in between the tea gardens in Assam.

Some of these pictures attached for your info.

This is not grass growing with water around, but tea bushes completely flooded and submerged and hardly visible in some areas.

Darjeeling has also been having heavy rainfall for the last 10 days. Consistent rainfall for the last 40 odd days with practically nil sunshine.

This has caused considerable drop in crop by as much as approx. 30%.

As a result of the heavy rainfall, a large number of workers houses have been destroyed, roads washed away and landslides all around.

Normal life completely disrupted in the hills.

Transport movement between Darjeeling / Kolkata also disrupted due to flood situation in and around Siliguri area.

Similarly Assam also heavy rainfall and floods as shown in the picture.

The above is for your info only.

Warm Regards, Ajay